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SAE 100R13 Multiple Spiral Wire Reinfoced Hydraulic Hose

This SAE 100R13 heavy duty, high pulse, multi-layer wire wound hydraulic hose is suitable for conveying petroleum-based or water-based hydraulic oil. The hose is made of high quality oil resistant synthetic rubber inner tube, multi-layer wire wound reinforcement and oil resistant weather resistant synthetic rubber The cover consists of a colored, pockmarked surface or a glossy surface (1/2"-1 1/4").


Product Details

Inner Tube: inner tube of oil resistant synthetic rubber
REINFORCEMENT: multiple spiral plies of heavy steel wire wrapped in alternating directions
COVER: oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber
APPEARANCE: black color,wrapped surface
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40℃ ~ +121℃(-40°F ~ +250°F)
WORKING PRESSURE: 35.0Mpa(Max),constant high pressure
IMPLEMENTATION STANDARDS: SAE 100R13 Heavy Duty,High Impulse,Multiple Spiral Wire Hydraulic Rubber Hose


Product description:

This SAE 100R13 Heavy Duty,High Impulse,Multiple Spiral Wire Hydraulic Rubber Hose is suitable for transporting petroleum base hydraulic fluids or water based hydraulic fluids.

This hose is made of oil resistant synthetic rubber inner tube and oil,weather resistant synthetic rubber cover with black color,wrapped surface,and this type of is reinforced with four layers of spiral wire in alternation directions to provide extremely high pressure.Spiral reinforcement is particularly ideal for high pressure impulse applications as a result of individual wires are parallel. In addition, thin rubber adhesion separates the neighboring spiral wires to avoid cutting one another. Compared with wire braid hose, spiral hydraulic hose gives 5075 psi constant pressure to the system.

This type of hose can be used for very high pressure applications subject to surge or flexing such as construction equipment,mining and the high-performance industrial market.


SAE 100R13 Heavy Duty, High Pulse, Multilayer Wire Wound Hydraulic Hose Parameters:

SIZE Internal Diameter
Wire Diameter
Outside Diameter
Working Pressure
Max. W.P
Burst Pressure
Min. B.P
Bending Radius
mm inch Dash Min Max Min Max  Min Max Mpa Mpa mm kg/m
19 3/4" -12 18.6 19.8 28.2 29.8 31 33.2 35 140 240 1.5
25 1" -16 25 26.4 34.9 36.4 37.6 39.8 35 140 300 2
32 1 1/4" -20 31.4 33 45.6 48 48.3 51.3 35 140 420 3.8
38 1 1/2” -24 37.7 39.3 53.1 55.5 55.8 58.8 35 140 500 4.5
51 2" -32 50.4 52 66.9 69.3 69.5 72.7 35 140 640 6.5



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