Why Does The Metal Hose Become Unstable


  • Why does the metal hose become unstable?

  • Let's talk about the solution to the imbalance of metal hoses.

  • The metal hose will suddenly bend and miss the credibility of the linear system, like a supporting prefabricated member or a cylindrical coil spring, when it is subjected to a working pressure on which it can pivot. If the craft bears the steam body side pressure has also had all and It can fulcrum the value of working pressure on doing things, which can also lead to imbalance. Most of the damage caused by honor in construction projects is caused by this cause and effect

  • Whether metal hose plastic air pressure hydraulic seals, toward the expansion joint, metal hose, there are numerous difficulties, in other words, the finished product shoulder steam body work

  • The power of pressure to do things generally depends on its credibility. Scientific research products of the credibility, can also be used by everyone different euler pressure bar expression! Metrological verification of its impending load. So, we know that the pressure load of the thing can be solved by the method of playing tricks. However, the same result, due to the following two aspects, the value of multiplication and division of verisimilar is greater than the actual value.

  • The metal hose will suddenly bend like a stressed member or cylindrical coil spring, losing the reliability of its parallel configuration, when it is subjected to any working pressure that it can support. If the product shoulder gas side pressure has too much and it can support the point on the pressure value, will also cause instability. Much of the damage done to the project was caused by this cause.

  • 1. Due to the number of wavy lines, the production and processing of the metal hose aggregate thickness and other exhibition surfaces is not, usually the symmetry of the metal hose Axis. In other words, essentially the heart line of the commodity has a small amount of terminal training for metal hoses. Plastic mesh bag hand, woven asymmetry and each one against pressure The strength of the inconsistent, also category of metal bellows bearing capacity.

  • 2. As the bending stiffness value in the calculation of the metal hose pressure load formula is clear, the water ripple (valley) semi-circle of the commodity is regarded as the pulse damper stiffness coupling Point of concern, the metal hose itself is higher than the flexural stiffness value. Often consider the working condition, pressure, medium and caliber of stainless steel metal hose used, Shanghai Songjiang Group reminds you that the length of metal hose equipment selection is also This is not an important parameter because in practical applications, if the hose equipment is too long, it will cause instability, such as stainless steel used in pump inlet and outlet Metal hoses may cause additional vibration if they are too long. The stainless steel metal hose hall can not reach the ideal purpose of compensation, vibration reduction and noise elimination due to its improper length.

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