Why Do Products Need To Do Pressure Pulse Fatigue Test


As we know, in the hydraulic system, the internal pressure of the medium will change rapidly with the opening and closing of the valve or the movement of the actuator during the process of transmitting energy, and the flow rate of the medium will also change rapidly, and this sudden change usually accompanied by instantaneous Destructive, causing pressure shocks to transmission components and actuators in hydraulic systems. In the hydraulic system, the impact of pressure is always present and ubiquitous. The existence of this challenge requires the development of accessories and manufacturers to know how strong and how long the product can withstand the impact test. The purpose and function of the impulse test bench come from this.

The pressure pulse test simulates the pressure, impact frequency, internal and external temperature and other factors of hydraulic accessories, creates an actual working environment as much as possible and operates with overload, and improves or develops products on the basis of recording and summarizing test data and test experience.  The accumulation of pulse test data has pointed out the direction for the timely discovery of product quality problems, especially in the development of new products, through the pulse life test, it can be intuitively found the problems of the products, avoiding the troubles caused by the quality problems after a large number of products are put into use.

The pressure of the pulse test depends on the working pressure of the fitting itself, which is generally 1.0~1.3 times the working pressure. The conditions of the hydraulic parts in the aviation field are sometimes more severe. The test pressure is even 1.5 times the working pressure, and the impact frequency can be as high as 5hz.

The pressure pulse test bench is used in the automobile industry, the aviation field and the shipbuilding industry. Most of them are auto parts. Due to the introduction of European standards, American standards, and even the introduction of corporate standards such as GM and Ford, the pulse tests are diversified, and the medium covers air, water, and oil.  It even covers simultaneous testing of two media at the same time. The national standards have been constantly supplemented and improved by drawing on foreign standards. The pulse test, together with the blast test, has almost become a mandatory inspection item stipulated in the standards of various hydraulic parts.


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