Types Of Hydraulic Oil Hoses


According to the material, the hydraulic oil hose is divided into high pressure wire braided hydraulic oil hose and clip cloth type rubber hydraulic oil hose. Among them, the steel wire braided hydraulic oil hose is the most widely used, with high strength and toughness, able to withstand high pressure and impact loads, and has good thermal conductivity, which is suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments.

According to the working pressure, the hydraulic oil hose is divided into low pressure hydraulic oil hose and high pressure hydraulic oil hose.The working pressure of low pressure hydraulic oil hose is generally below 16MPa, which is used in low pressure hydraulic systems, such as ships, agricultural machinery, etc. The working pressure of high pressure hydraulic oil hose is above 16MPa, which is used in high pressure hydraulic systems, such as machine tools, construction machinery, etc.


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