The main purpose of high pressure hose


The main purpose of high pressure hose

1. Product structure types:

The key is composed of liquid-resistant inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of steel wire coiled and improved layer, and outer rubber layer. The outer rubber layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire (medium 0.3--2.0 to improve the steel wire) layer is the frame raw material to improve the effect.

2, the main purpose of the product:

High-pressure steel wire raised high-pressure hose is suitable for coal mine hydraulic support, oil and gas fine mining, suitable for construction engineering, lifting and transportation, metallurgical industry casting, mining machinery and equipment, ships, injection molding machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and its various industrial sectors, machinery automation, automation technology, and the transportation of crude oil bases (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, gear oil, gasoline and diesel oil, lubricating oil) with a certain working pressure (higher pressure) and ambient temperature in the hydraulic transmission system And oil-based liquid (such as emulsified oil, water and oil emulsion, water) and liquid transmission system, the pressure resistance can reach 70-100MPa

Note: The specification of steel coiled rubber hose refers to GB/T10544-03 specification, DIN20023, SAE100R9~13 standard, this specification is not suitable for castor oil-based and grease-based liquid

3. Product Features:

1. The rubber hose is made of special J-styrene rubber, which has good acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-aging properties.

2. The rubber hose has high working pressure and single-pulse performance.

3. The tube body is closely integrated, the application is soft, and the deformation is small under working pressure

4. The rubber hose has good flexibility and fatigue resistance.

5. The wire coiled rubber hose is 20 meters away from the pipe, and can be made within 50 meters according to needs.

4. Applicable temperature: -30~+120°C

common problem:

1. The bending radius should not be lower than the given bending radius to avoid damage to the rubber hose frame or premature damage due to excessive stretching.

2. According to the application standard, properly use the type, specification and model of rubber hose, do not misuse or substitute.

3. When the rubber hose is used, the working pressure should be adjusted in a balanced manner to prevent the pipe body from being damaged due to sudden expansion of the working pressure.

4. When the address changes during work, it should be transported off the ground, and the floor should not be dragged to prevent the frame layer from being eroded after scratching the outer glue.

5. The corrosive liquid is transported. After use, the internal structure should be cleaned and tidy to avoid long-term corrosion of the tube body by residues, or use the corresponding product series.


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