The Use Of High Pressure Hose


  • The use of high pressure hose

Coal industry

Coal industry tubing mainly has hydraulic support hose. In recent years, the pressure requirements of some coal mine hydraulic supports have been improved, and some steel wire braided hose can not meet its performance requirements. In addition, in order to prevent coal dust pollution and improve production safety in the coal mining process, the variety of coal tubing is increased, such as coal seam water sealing device secondary shrinkage tubing.

It is reported that water injection, grouting and other operations are carried out on coal exhibition before fully mechanized mining in underground working face of dry coal mine. It has been produced by domestic manufacturers and tried by more than ten coal mines. It can be imported on behalf of similar products


  • High pressure hose production process

1.Mixing machine according to the formula mixing inner glue, middle glue and outer glue; Use an extruder to extrude the inner tubing and cover it on the soft or hard core coated with demoulding agent (liquid nitrogen freezing method can also not use the tube core)

2.Calender is pressed into the middle layer of glue thin slice, add isolator to roll and cut into the specified width according to the process requirements

3. The inner tubing with tube core is wound or braided on the winding machine or braiding machine with copper plated steel wire or copper plated wire rope, and the middle rubber thin sheet is wound on each two layers of copper plating in the winding machine or braiding machine at the same time .Between steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope, the starting head of winding steel wire and the outside of the knot are bound (some early winding machines need to prestress the copper-plated steel wire in advance)

4.Cover the extruder with the outer layer of glue again, and then wrap the lead or cloth vulcanized protective layer

5.Vulcanize in a canister or salt bath

6.Finally, the vulcanized protective layer is removed and the tube core is extracted, the pipe joint is pressed, and the sampling pressure is tested. In short, the manufacturing of high-pressure tubing uses more equipment, more kinds of raw materials, and the production is complicated. But in recent years, the production process of hydraulic tubing with plastic or plastic elastomer as the main raw material can be properly tubular, but the raw material price is high, and rubber is still the main raw material




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