The Storage Of High-pressure Hose Sedats For Environmental Requirements


The storage of high-pressure hose for the environment requirements Of the application of high-pressure hose is very extensive, after the use of the high-pressure hose storage requirements are also very high, the temperature, humidity requirements need to be considered, so as to avoid damage to the high-pressure hose in storage. In the storage of high-pressure hose, the storage temperature is generally between 0 c to 35 degrees C, better in about 15 degrees, relative humidity is better not more than 65%, during storage temperature should not exceed 50 degrees C and below -30 degrees C.  Keep away from direct sunlight and strong artificial light sources, better stored in the dark, if there are windows in the room can be covered with some red or orange cover. The larger characteristics of high-pressure hose is the use of the process is safe and the life of the use is also relatively long, the appearance of fine organization, no mechanical impurities strength, with excellent chemical stability, can be processed into a variety of shapes, and quality is guaranteed.


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