The Proper Operation And Integrity Of High Pressure Hoses Is Important


  • The proper operation and integrity of high pressure hoses is important

The quality of the high pressure hose directly affects the normal operation of the hose, so we must pay attention to the quality testing of the high pressure hose.The manufacturer of high pressure wire hose is briefly introduced from several aspects of high pressure wire hose.Pay attention to quality inspection, because the diameter of the high-pressure hose and the outer diameter of the skeleton layer are unstable, and the vibration scale exceeds the agreed limit, the strength balance of the hose joint cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of the hose assembly is difficult to be guaranteed.Therefore, in the production of hose assembly, it is necessary to strictly check whether the inner and outer diameter of the structure layer meets the requirements.

Because of the existence of rubber layer in the high-pressure hose and the influence of the joint width between layers in the quality inspection center of the high-pressure hose, the wall thickness difference is greatly reduced.If the wall thickness error exceeds the permissible scale, it will affect the sealing ability and tensile strength of the hose assembly, and even produce a certain deviation (inclined head) to the hose assembly joint.Therefore, the wall thickness error of high pressure hose should be strictly controlled in its quality inspection.In general, pipes with a wall thickness greater than 0.5 mm should be strictly selected.



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