The Main Causes Of Problems In The Use Of High-Pressure Hoses


The main reasons for problems in the use of high-pressure hoses are as follows:

1. Production Quality:

(1) The high-pressure hose has not been properly vulcanized, resulting in under- or over-sulfuration. This affects its functionality and causes problems during use.

(2) The thickness of the hose wall is uneven, especially the inner rubber layer.

(3) The production process is not strictly followed during the braiding or winding process of the steel wire, the braiding angle does not reach 54°44′, the braiding of the steel wire is too tight or too loose, and the deformation (elongation, shortening or The amount of bending deformation) is large.

(4) The poor airtightness of the outer layer of glue can easily lead to corrosion of the steel wire.

(5) Poor sealing of the inner layer of glue makes it easy for high-pressure oil to enter the steel wire layer.

(6) The adhesion between the rubber layer and the steel wire layer is insufficient.

2. Quality Problems Of Matching Fittings:

(1) The material used for fittings does not meet the requirements.

(2) The design for fittings does not meet the requirements.

(3) The crimping is not up to the required standards, such as the amount of crimping is not enough.

(4) The high-pressure hose assembly is not installed properly.

(5) It is important to keep the interior of the high-pressure hose assembly free of foreign matter. If foreign matter gets into the pump or valve, it could affect the equipment's normal operation and indirectly impact the use of the high-pressure hose assembly.


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