The 20th China ( Tianjin ) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo in 2024


The 20th Tianjin Industrial Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center ( Tianjin ) from March 6 to 9,2024. Tianjin Industrial Expo is a well-known industrial brand exhibition with equipment manufacturing industry as the main body of display and trading. It has 6 major exhibition halls, 10 major display themes, and the exhibition area exceeds 100,000 square meters. With the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing Connecting the World, Low-Carbon Enjoy the Future", a new energy equipment exhibition area will be added, and presented three major upgrades to industry professionals.

Scale upgrade

The 2024 Tianjin Industrial Expo is close to the needs of industrial development, solves the huge procurement problem of high-precision mechanical equipment in the process of industrial upgrading, displays the industry's cutting-edge information and technology, and highlights the role of procurement docking and supply and demand cooperation, which has attracted the attention of industry enterprises.

Exhibition area upgrade

Serving the whole industrial chain of industrial manufacturing, on the basis of the original exhibition areas for machine tools, robots, and industrial automation exhibition areas, the industrial Internet, air compressors, sensors, laser and welding, new energy equipment, automotive equipment, and intelligent logistics and other exhibition areas will be added in 2024, forming 10 display themes and providing closed-loop services for the high-end manufacturing market.

Buyer upgrade

Covering the manufacturing market in northern China, it provides "one-to-one" buyer invitations for exhibitors, organizes procurement matchmaking meetings, and helps exhibitors participate in transactions. 2024 Tianjin Industrial Expo is committed to the pursuit of buyer upgrades, and invites companies to issue annual procurement standards to provide accurate docking.

Tianjin Industrial Expo is rooted in industrial manufacturing and serves the whole industrial chain of industrial manufacturing. It focuses on high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automated complete production lines, laser welding production lines, automobile manufacturing production lines, and plastic machinery production lines as the core of display. It integrates brand display, technical exchanges, trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, and international seminars to promote global industrial upgrading.


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