Structure Design Of High Pressure Tubing Strand


  • Structure design of high pressure tubing strand

The high pressure oil pipe needs a certain oil pressure and a certain fatigue strength. Taking the practical application as an example, the high pressure oil pipe needs to meet the power of the direct injection gasoline engine with high pressure oil pipe and high pressure injection, and can accept the oil pressure required by the engine in the working process.Therefore, in the selection of materials and structural planning related to high pressure, these practical application factors should not be ignored.

At present, high pressure tubing is generally made of steel wire winding skeleton layer and oil resistance surface.Corrosion resistant synthetic rubber is composed of high pressure, wire wrap hose plan, the advantage is simple plan, compared with the viewpoint distribution planning method, only planning procedures, parameter selection and calculation are different, high-pressure tubing manufacturing process is the same, the axial deformation of the product is relatively small

The uneven stress of high pressure tubing wire is an important part of summarizing the modification coefficient. The uneven stress includes process elements and structural elements. The high-pressure tubing is planned by structural stroke planning method.Steel wire spiral rubber hose burst pressure calculation can change through the utilization ratio of material strength value to adjust the summary modification coefficient, thus reduce the influence of structure factors, and the structure of high pressure oil pipe steel wire spiral rubber hose, itinerary planning method can be used as a visual distribution, neutral Angle tolerance of construction schedule plan in planning can provide reliable basis.

Hydraulic hose is generally divided into steel wire weaving hydraulic hose and steel wire wound hydraulic hose, the English name is hydraulics icrubberhose.Because of the variety of hydraulic hose clutter, but also determines the correct use of maintenance.Therefore, even if the hydraulic hose quality is extremely high, if not correctly used and maintained, the quality and life of the hydraulic hose will be seriously affected, occurred should not occur major accidents, assets will be damaged, today introduces the structure and use of hydraulic hose.


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