Stress And Bending Connections For High Pressure Hose Joints


  • Stress and bending connections for high pressure hose joints


1, High pressure hose should be used in the standard of less bending radius. Otherwise, the high-pressure hose will burst, reducing pressure resistance.

2 Apply powder. When inhaling particles, the possibility of damage is very high according to the standard, please try to make the bending radius of the high pressure hose

3. In the periphery of molecular material parts of metal materials, it shall not be applied in the case of bending. In addition, as far as possible to reduce the metal material molecular material prefabricated parts around the bending, can be used to prevent bending pipe and other methods.

Do not move the high-pressure hose. Especially during the whole process of movement, please prevent a part of the hose joint from being stressed and bent.

Second, don't.

1.Do not directly contact or close to the high-pressure hose

2.Do not use the car, such as stepping on the high-pressure hose.



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