Selection Of Specialized Hoses For High-pressure Cleaning Machines


High-pressure and high-temperature resistant hoses can not only remove rust and paint from concrete during the cleaning process, but also can be used for ship cleaning, industrial equipment maintenance, and pipeline dredging, and so on. The high-pressure washer is a common machine. A good machine paired with good spare parts can fully play its excellent role, such as the specialized hose for high-pressure cleaning machines. So, how do we use the specialized hoses for high-pressure cleaning machines correctly?

When selecting a special hose for a high-pressure cleaning machine, the basic parameters of the high-pressure water pump, such as inner diameter and working pressure should be considered. The inner diameter of the hydraulic hose must match the specifications of the high-pressure water pump. If the inner diameter of the selected hydraulic hose does not match the requirements of the high-pressure water pump, it will cause damage to the normal application and hydraulic hose. When selecting a special hose for a high-pressure cleaning machine, the working pressure of the high-pressure water pump should be taken into consideration. Reasonably choose hydraulic hoses with higher working pressure. For example, if the high-pressure water pump displays 1,500 bar, you can use a 1,800 bar hydraulic hose, making it easier to extend its service life.


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