Selection Of Rubber Hose


1. Material Selection:

Vulcanized rubber materials are selected based on what they are being used to transport. Nitrile rubber tubes are good for transporting crude oil while silica gel is suitable for high-temperature liquids and gases. Choosing the wrong material can damage the inner rubber layer and shorten the life of the tube. This can lead to problems in the long term.

2. Delivery Pressure:

Rubber tubes can be divided into rubber tubes with different pressures according to the maximum pressure they can withstand. When purchasing, you must first measure the working pressure of the rubber tube in detail, and choose the rubber tube with the appropriate pressure. If the maximum operating pressure of the selected rubber hose is not enough, it will damage the rubber hose itself; if the working pressure is too high, although it will not cause damage to the structure of the rubber hose, the price is too high, and it may reduce the delivery pressure, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.


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