Remedial Methods For Hydraulic Hose Bursting


Hydraulic hose bursting is the most troublesome sudden breakdown for users. Hose bursting will lead to hydraulic oil leakage, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly to repair. Some older equipment, as long as burst once, it will burst frequently in the future. So, what should be done after the hose bursting to minimize the loss?

1. When the hydraulic hose bursts during operation, there is high pressure inside the hose. In order to avoid excessive loss of hydraulic oil, the machine should be stopped immediately to reduce the pressure in the hydraulic system and slow down oil loss.

2. Timely contact the technical personnel, accurately explain the fault point and the damaged components. And if necessary, you can inform him the specific situation through mobile phone video, so that he can bring corresponding accessories to repair as soon as possible, shorten the waiting time.

3. The pressure inside the hydraulic system is very high, the lowest pressure is around 40bar / cm2, and the highest pressure is around 350bar / cm2. Do not use it just for grab the deadline. Once the hose burst failure occurs, it will seriously affect the safety of operators and surrounding personnel.


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