Reasons For Hydraulic Hose Bursting (2)


4. Mixing hydraulic oils of different classes

If hydraulic oil with different classes is added during use, the properties of hydraulic oil is e unstable, and components will be damaged. In addition, the poor fluidity of high-viscosity hydraulic oil can cause local high pressure in the hydraulic system, which can easily lead to hose leakage and even burst.

5. Bad operating habits

If the operator's operation is rough, the huge impact load will produce instantaneous impact pressure in the hydraulic system. The impact pressure will cause the joint to loosen, resulting in oil leakage or hose explosion, greatly shortening the service life of the hydraulic hose.

6. The hydraulic hose is corroded

Although most hydraulic hoses have certain corrosion resistance, after all, long-term contact with diesel, the rubber products will become fluffy and deteriorate. Therefore, try not to let the hydraulic hose contact gasoline or diesel.


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