Reasons For Hydraulic Hose Bursting (1)


1. Using poor-quality hydraulic hoses

After the original hydraulic hose is damaged, low-quality hydraulic hose with substandard quality is chosen for cheap. The performance and reliability of this hydraulic hose are far less than the original. In addition, if the metal joints at both ends of the hydraulic hose are not crimped properly, the sealing and reliability cannot be guaranteed. After a period of use, oil leakage will naturally occur.

2. The pressure of the hydraulic system is too high

The too-high preset pressure value of the hydraulic system will increase the probability of a burst hose. Combined with various actions to test the pressure value generated by the main pump. If it is confirmed that the pressure value is too high, the pressure in the system can be appropriately adjusted to the normal range through the adjustment of professionals.

3. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high

If the hydraulic system of the equipment is at high temperature, it will affect the sealing of the hydraulic components and cause the hose to burst.

In addition, the high temperature will also cause the hydraulic components to expand, resulting in the spool and valve body stuck, forming a local high temperature and causing the hose to burst.


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