Quality Control And Inspection Of Hydraulic Hose


  • Quality control and inspection of hydraulic hose

Quality control and inspection of hydraulic hose

In the production process of hydraulic rubber hose assembly, there are many factors affecting the quality of the final product, which must be strictly controlled in the whole production process.

The hose used in the production of hydraulic rubber hose assembly must be checked in accordance with the corresponding technical standards to confirm whether it meets the various performance indicators and use requirements of the hose assembly.Check should pay attention to a few aspects.

(1) The specification and size of the hose and the actual deviation, because the inner and outer diameter of the hose and the outer diameter of the skeleton layer are changed, the range of change exceeds the allowable limit, the pressure balance of the hose joint cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of the hose assembly is difficult to guarantee.Therefore, the hose selected in the production of hose components must be strictly checked whether the outer diameter of the inner longitude and skeleton layer meets the requirements, and the outer diameter deviation can be appropriately relaxed.

(2) the soft tube wall thickness deviation, and owing to the eccentricity of the tube and rubber skeleton layer between the influence of head width, can cause, could lead to the wall thickness deviation is too large, soft if wall thickness deviation exceed the permitted range, can affect the seal and the pull strength, even cause the hose assemblies joint part deviation (a little), therefore, should strictly control the wall thickness deviation of soft.In general, cartilage with a wall thickness deviation of more than 0.5 mm should be carefully selected.

(3) the adhesion between the layers of the hose, high-quality hose should have good integrity, that is, there should be high adhesion between various layers of the hose, the bonding between the hose layers should become a whole, only in this way, can meet the joint assembly and clamping process of various technological requirements, to ensure the performance requirements of the hose assembly.Therefore, it is necessary to control the adhesion between the layers of the hose shall not be less than the technical standards, and as far as possible to choose high adhesion hose for hose assembly production.

(4) The appearance quality of the hose, the appearance quality of the hose can not be ignored, not only affect the appearance quality of the hose assembly, but also affect the quality of use.If there is a bubble, a rubber air hole or mechanical damage, and expose the skeleton layer, causing the skeleton layer corrosion, reduce the compression strength of the hose, directly affect the service life of the hose assemblies, even accidents occurred in use process, therefore, should pay attention to check the appearance quality of hose, eliminate the defects affect the appearance of the hose assemblies performance.

Quality control of joint metal parts.

Connector core tube.The quality of the coat and connection seal parts must be strictly checked before assembling the joint.In addition to the size, tolerance and machining accuracy should meet the requirements of the joint drawings, it is also necessary to check the interchangeability of the joint and the hose used to match, but also must check the core pipe surface smoothness and smooth Angle.If the metal parts of the joint are found to have sharp corners or burrs, they must be carefully repaired before they can be used, otherwise the performance and service life of the hose assembly will be seriously affected.

Due to the potential defects in the steel used in the process, which are difficult to detect by the naked eye, radial fracture or axial crack can occur during the assembly and clamping of joints or hydraulic tests.Therefore, metal parts of the same joint should be strictly inspected one by one to eliminate potential hidden dangers.



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