Principle and application of high-pressure hose anti-collapse technology


First. Traditional hydraulic hose anti-collapse equipment

(1) Structural composition: clamp joint, galvanized steel wire rope, etc. The clamp joints on both sides are connected by galvanized steel wire ropes, and then the clamps on both sides are fixed at the 100-150mm position on both sides of the high-pressure hose joint, so that the rigidity of the hydraulic hose is passively prevented from collapsing.

(2) Apply the basic principles. Before supplying liquid by the software of the working surface liquid supply system of the coal mining team, the anti-collapse equipment containing the clamp joint and the galvanized steel wire rope shall be used to fix it on both sides of the high-voltage joint, and the anchor bolts shall be tightened. It can complete the safety protection of the hydraulic hose.

(3) There are deficiencies. The device exhibits a rigid structure as a whole, and the essence is a rigid anti-collapse system, which allows a small amount of tensile deformation; the overall operational flexibility is poor; long-term fixation on the hydraulic hose will cause constant and hidden damage to it. In addition, the specification of the clamp joint of the equipment has certain limitations according to the diameter of the hydraulic hose and the scope of application ["-45].


Second, the new hydraulic hose anti-collapse equipment

1. Structural composition

Structural composition: clamp joint, oil wire rope, anti-tension commercial safety rope, brake system torsion spring, brake system torsion spring front pin, brake system torsion spring rear partition, rope section type catch sleeve, wire rope clamp , rope sets, friction-increasing resistance plastics, etc. According to the anti-collapsing device, the broken residual hydraulic hose can be captured, clamped, restrained, and prevented from collapsing, and the residual hydraulic hose to be thrown out can be captured firmly. The structure of the anti-collapsing device for the pressure hose.

2. Apply the basic principles.

The hydraulic hose anti-collapse equipment can be used for the maintenance of the connection between two hydraulic hoses, and it can also be used for the maintenance of the connection between a single hydraulic hose and the dry jack of the support frame. When the equipment is used for connection maintenance between two hydraulic hoses,

①Fix the clamp to the part 100 ~ 150mm after the hydraulic hose head, and then tighten the anchor bolt of the clamp joint to connect it with the gap of the rubber hose;

②Connect the oil wire rope, the clamp joint, and the braking system equipment (brake system torsion spring, front pin of the brake system torsion spring, and rear partition of the brake system torsion spring), and one end of the oil wire rope is connected to the brake system torsion spring The connection of the rear bulkhead is fixed, and then the torsion spring of the braking system and the middle of the front bulkhead are crossed, and then the oil wire rope is wound around the hydraulic hose (the rope winding position is determined according to the connection specification of the two hydraulic hoses), and the rope is made. Sectional capture sleeve, install friction-increasing plastic sleeve;

③The other end of the oil wire rope passes over the pre-buried hole on the front pin of the torsion spring of the braking system and is fixed firmly with the wire rope clip of the supporting facility. During the installation of the equipment, the torsion spring of the braking system is adjusted in time according to the connection specification of the two hydraulic hoses. quantity;

④Install the commercial safety rope of the equipment, and the safety rope is connected between the front pin of the torsion spring of the braking system and the rear partition, and the connection between the front pin and the rear partition can be completed. . When the equipment is maintained by the connection between a single wave pressure hose and the hydraulic jack of the support frame or other stationary equipment.

The installation method and specification are the same as the above installation process.

3. Use the advantages

(1) The torsion spring of the braking system in the new wave pressure hose anti-collapsing equipment has a certain telescopic amount, and the tension is relatively large. The additional oil wire rope is of a soft structure.

(2) One end of the device is stabilized on the wave pressure hose, and the other end is a rope-type capture sleeve with instantaneous dynamic capture function, which can instantly capture and fasten the tension-resistant hydraulic hose and the high-pressure hose. Hidden damage to hydraulic hoses.

(3) The clamp joint of the equipment has a fixed amount of adjustment, and is suitable for a wide range of pipes.


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