Precautions For Hydraulic Hose Transportation


1. Load and unload lightly.

2. The hoses should be sorted and shipped neatly in rolls or strips.

3. Avoid excessive bending of the hose body, and do not pile other heavy objects on the hose.

4. It is strictly prohibited to mix the hose with acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, flammable and explosive materials together.

5. The hose body should not be in direct contact with the goods with sharp edges.

6. For hoses that need to be transported straightly, when the length exceeds the loading carriage, the excess length should be supported by brackets to prevent the hose from being damaged by dragging on the ground.

7. If the hose needs to be temporarily parked in the open air (such as outside the workshop or at the dock) for some reason, the site must be flat, the hose should be placed neatly and flat, and the bottom should be padded and the top should be covered, without piling up heavy objects. At the same time,  and the hose should be kept away from heat sources.

8. When handling hoses, they should not be dragged anywhere. Heavy hoses should be loaded and unloaded by lifting equipment or special machinery to prevent accidental damage to the hoses.


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