Precautions For Hose Connection


The hose joint is a key component used to connect the hoses, which can ensure the connection between the hoses is firm and reliable. When using hoses for liquid or gas transmission, the correct connection method is crucial to ensure the normal operation and safety of the entire system. The following section will introduce the precautions for hose connection.

1. Ensure that the hose and joint have the same specifications and materials to ensure the quality and stability of the connection.

2. Before connecting, clean the surface of the hose and joint to remove dirt and impurities, and keep the connection clean and sanitary.

3. During the threaded connection, rotate the hose counterclockwise to ensure the stability of the connection, but avoid excessive tightening to prevent damage.

4. During the clamp connection, appropriate pressure is applied to ensure the tightness of the connection, but avoid excessive pressure to avoid crushing the hose.

5. During the welding connection, the operation is carried out according to the requirements of the welding material to ensure the welding quality and sealing.

6. Regularly inspect the connections for looseness, leaks, etc., and promptly repair or replace them.


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