Packaging And Transportation Of Rubber Hose


  • Packaging and transportation of rubber hose

First, packaging.

1. General requirements.

Packing material and packing method according to specific high pressure hose product standard.Both ends of high-pressure hoses and high-pressure hose assemblies must be sealed, especially the transportation and transportation links of high-pressure hoses, which are prone to impurities entering high-pressure hoses. Flanged hose joints must be protected with discs larger than the flange diameter, and external threaded hose joints must be protected with thread protectors and other appropriate methods.

2. Direct packaging.

Inner diameter 76MM with one or shorter length of high and low hose and high bed hose assemblies can be packaged in flat packaging.The package shall be equipped with straps, the number and position of which shall be determined to ensure that the high bed hose assembly is in swing

It is a principle to keep flat in the process of transportation.

3, winding packaging.

High pressure tubing and assemblies with bore less than 76MM or longer in length can be wound packed.The inner diameter of the coil should not be less than 15 times the inner diameter of the hose or 2 times the minimum bending radius of the hose.Pack more than one high pressure hose assembly in one package, and proper spacing must be protected between coils.

Two, the transport of rubber hose.

The hose must be lightly loaded during loading and unloading.

2 Pipelines shall be transported neatly in classified rolls (strips) to avoid excessive bending of pipes, and other heavy objects shall not be piled on pipes.

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix the hose with acid and alkali, oil, organic solvent, inflammable and explosive articles and direct contact with pointed goods.4. Overtaking body shall not be oversqueezed during loading and transportation. If overtaking body is really needed, effective protection shall be carried out.

5 When carrying pipes, do not drag them anywhere.Heavy pipes should be handled by lifting equipment and special machinery to prevent accidental damage.


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