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"Breaking the Boundary, Driving the Future" - PTC ASIA 2021 New Theme Released

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of PTC ASIA, the exhibition put forward a new slogan of "Breaking the Boundary and Driving the Future". What is the meaning of the new slogan?

Eggs broken from the outside are food, broken from the inside is life;

Breaking through life from the outside is pressure, and breaking through from the inside is growth;

Breaking through the industry from the outside is eliminated, and breaking through from the inside is the future.

Many industrial manufacturing companies have been practicing how to break the circle and change users' inherent views on brands - the scope of products and services has been greatly expanded, not only suppliers of components, but also partners of transmission and drive system solutions .

If you've already participated in this challenge, imagine future solutions now!

Dare to be the first in the world to innovate is a breakthrough of courage; to think beyond the solidified boundary is a breakthrough of thinking; to choose the right platform and stand on the shoulders of giants is a breakthrough of cognitive platform.

PTC ASIA brings together a variety of technologies, products and solutions in the power transmission and control industry, and it is such an excellent cognitive platform. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the exhibition, it is also actively seeking to break through the boundaries. This year, the CEO interview, the smart factory tour, the offline exchange meeting "Spark Creation Camp", the formulation of mascots, the 30th anniversary commemorative publication, the remote exhibition plan, the "Enjoy the View" are newly planned. A series of special activities such as "Plan" and the online matchmaking meeting "Ingenuity Cloud Matching". It is constantly enriching the categories of exhibits, doing a good job in the ecological layout of the power transmission industry chain, and taking promoting the exchanges of the Asian power transmission industry as its own responsibility, and always driving the future development of the industry.


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