Notices For Using The Hydraulic Oil Hose


The application range of the hydraulic oil hose is wide. However, the following points need to be noted in use:

1. The installation and connection of the hydraulic oil hose must comply with relevant standards and specifications to ensure that the connection is solid and the seal is reliable.

2. The working environment of the hydraulic oil hose should be dry and clean to avoid pollution and corrosion.

3. The working temperature of the hydraulic oil hose should be within the allowable range of the material, to avoid too high or too low temperature affecting the performance.

4. The working pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic oil hose should be within the design range to avoid overload.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic oil hose are very important. Check whether the hose has cracks, deformation, corrosion or other problems, then replace or repair it in time.


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