Fuel Dispenser Hose


The fuel dispenser hose belongs to medium-high pressure hose, which is used for general refueling equipment to transport aviation kerosene, gasoline, and other mineral oils.

To ensure the quality and safety performance of fuel dispenser hoses, a series of standards and specifications have been established internationally. The fuel dispenser hose produced by Medline adopts the European EN1360 standard, with a working temperature of -40 ℃ to+121 ℃, the minimum inner diameter is 1/2 ", and the maximum inner diameter is 2". You can choose the corresponding size according to your needs. The outer surface can be smooth or wrapped. The color and words on the surface of the hose can also be customized. The fuel dispenser hose is composed of three parts: the inner rubber layer (NBR synthetic rubber), the reinforcing layer (fiber braided and copper wire, or steel wire braided) and the outer rubber layer (synthetic rubber). Medline’s fuel dispenser hose has strong oil resistance, good elasticity and excellent performance such as compression deformation resistance, weather aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, repeated curving resistance, friction resistance and long service life.


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