Steam Hose


As a kind of hose connection tool specially used for steam transportation, the steam hose has excellent characteristics of high temperature and high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility and scalability, wear resistance, and so on. It plays an important role in industrial production to achieve safe, stable, and efficient transportation of steam. To ensure product quality, it is important to choose reputable manufacturers like Medline Hydraulic, who prioritize quality control at every stage of production.

The Function Of Steam Hose

      1. Steam transport: Steam hose as a transport medium, through the connection of the steam generator in the industrial equipment and the pipeline between the working equipment, the high temperature and high-pressure steam transport to the required place. The colloidal material in the inner layer can ensure safe and stable steam transportation.

2. Isolation of heat: Steam hose as a pipeline for conveying steam, can effectively isolate heat conduction and radiation. Its outer colloidal material can block the heat dissipation of the air to the steam, ensuring that the temperature and pressure of the steam are not affected by the external environment.

3. Cushion vibration: The flexibility and scalability of the steam hose can cushion the shock and vibration caused by the vibration and displacement of the equipment. It protects equipment and personnel by bearing and distributing pressure to avoid loosening and cracking pipe joints.

4. Energy saving: Because the steam hose has good heat insulation performance, it can reduce the loss of heat and improve the conduction efficiency of steam, thereby saving energy and reducing production costs.

Installation Of Steam Hose

1. Do not let the steam hose distort during installation, otherwise, it will cause the steam hose to be damaged or the joint to relax. When the bending radius of the steam hose is large, the inclined joint is generally used to prevent the steam hose from turning sharply and distorting. In ordinary actual operation, the rotation of the seat can not be too strong and must be slow, otherwise, it will cause the steam hose to crack. In order to better prevent the steam hose from being destroyed and its total flow restricted, the bending radius of the steam hose should be increased as much as possible.

2. When the hydraulic transmission system is heated up too much at work, the hydraulic hose should be checked immediately, and the necessary temperature reduction countermeasures should be used when continuing to work. When installing the steam hose between objects, a certain indoor space should be set aside to prevent friction between the steam hose and objects during work. If you can't avoid it, take some safeguards like the steam hose protector.


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