Methods Of Clamping Hydraulic Hose


In the hydraulic system, the connection of the hydraulic hose is very important, because it directly affects the efficiency and safety of the hydraulic system. Therefore, the correct method of hydraulic hose clamping is very important. The clamping methods of hydraulic hose mainly include the following aspects:

1. Select the suitable clamping tool

The clamping of the hydraulic hose requires special clamping tools, which can ensure the quality and reliability of the clamping. When selecting the clamping tool, the suitable tool should be selected based on the diameter and material of the hydraulic hose.

2. Cut properly

Before clamping the hydraulic hose, it is necessary to cut the hose to a suitable length with a special cutting tool to ensure that the cutting is flat and smooth. The hose should be cleaned after cutting to ensure the quality of clamping.

3. Correct clamping

When clamping the hydraulic hose, the operation should follow the instructions of the clamping tool. Normally, the hose needs to be inserted into the clamping tool, and then use the clamping tool to clamp. When clamping, it should be ensured that the clamping force is appropriate, not too tight or too loose.

4. Check the clamping quality

After clamping the hydraulic hose, the clamping quality should be checked, including whether there is any oil leakage at the clamping place and a pressure tester should be used to test the hydraulic system. If the clamping quality is found to be unqualified, the hose should be replaced or re-clamping in time.

The correct method of hydraulic hose clamping is an important guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. When performing hydraulic hose clamping, suitable clamping and cutting tools should be selected, with appropriate force during clamping, and finally check the quality of clamping. Only in this way can the efficiency and safety of the hydraulic system be ensured.


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