Medline Hydraulic is in Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2023


The 21st Russian International Construction and Construction Machinery Exhibition (BAUMA CTT RUSSIA 2023) had been held from May 23 to 26, 2023 in CRUCOS

The largest exhibition center in Moscow, Russia, with exhibits covering construction machinery and Various fields, including excavation machinery, rock drilling machinery, mining equipment, engineering drilling machinery and road headers, earthmoving machinery, steel reinforcement and prestressing machinery, pneumatic tools, concrete machinery, decoration machinery, power tools, pile machinery, road surface Machinery, compaction machinery, construction hoisting machinery, municipal engineering and sanitation machinery, motorized industrial vehicles, power units and accessories, various accessories, electrical accessories and their assemblies, inspection and maintenance equipment and their accessories, automotive accessories and construction machinery and construction machinery accessories.

Exhibition time: May 23-May 26, 2023

Exhibition address: Russia-Moscow-Crocus International Exhibition Center

Booth No.: 14-160.9

Exhibition cycle: Once a year


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