Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of Hydraulic Hoses


As an important transmission component in the hydraulic system, the normal maintenance and troubleshooting of the hose can ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, also can prolong its service life.

1. Maintenance

Pay attention to storage conditions: When storing the hydraulic hose, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature or extremely cold environment, and keep away from chemical corrosive substances.

Caution in use: Pay attention to avoid excessive bending, excessive stretching and distortion of the hydraulic hose, so as not to damage the hose when using.

Regular maintenance: Regularly inspect of the appearance of the hydraulic hose, including checking for loose connections, wear or scratches on the surface of the hose, and other issues. If there is any problem, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the dirt and oil stains on the surface of the hydraulic hose to keep its appearance clean. Use suitable detergent and tools to avoid damage to the hose.

Lubrication maintenance: Some hydraulic hoses require lubrication treatment during use to reduce friction and wear. According to the requirements of the hydraulic hose, select the suitable lubricants for lubrication and maintenance work.

2. Troubleshooting

If the hydraulic system is abnormal, such as hydraulic hose leakage, pressure drop or other problems, the fault should be eliminated in time. Faults can be solved by checking connectors and replacing seals. If it is necessary to replace the hydraulic hose, a hose of the same specification and material as the prototype should be selected.

During maintenance and troubleshooting, it is necessary to operate in accordance with relevant operating specifications and safety standards to ensure personal safety and the normal operation of equipment. If you encounter complex failures, you should consult professional technicians in time to deal, so as not to cause more serious consequences.


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