Main technical parameters of hydraulic hose assembly (2)


4. Temperature range

The user should use the hose within the temperature range permitted by the quality specifications for the hose. If the working environment temperature exceeds this range, it will affect the service life of the hydraulic hose assembly, and the hose’s load-bearing capacity will be greatly reduced. For systems with long-term high or low working environment temperatures, it is recommended to use hose sheaths.

5. Bending radius

The minimum radius of the inner circle of the hose that can be bent without damaging or shortening its service life, abbreviated as the R. For a hydraulic hose, the value of the R is certain. If the bending radius is less than the value of the R, the hose with textile reinforcement layer is likely to twist, and the hose with spiral steel wire will be better.

6. Application medium

Petroleum-based liquids (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil), water-based liquids (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water), gases, and liquid transmission medium.

7. Chemical compatibility

If a special hydraulic medium is used, the user should ensure that the inner and outer layers of the selected hose assembly, the joints, and the O-ring seals are compatible with the medium.


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