Main technical parameters of hydraulic hose assembly (1)


1. Size of hydraulic hose

The inner diameter of the hydraulic hose should be appropriate. If the diameter is too small, it will increase the flow rate of the medium in the hose, cause the system to heat up, reduce efficiency, and generate excessive pressure drop, affecting the performance of the entire system. If the hydraulic hose is fixed with pipe clamps or passes through spacers such as steel plates, attention should also be paid to the outer diameter of the hose.

2. Working pressure

Generally, the dynamic pressure of the hose refers to the maximum allowable pressure during continuous operation. According to the relevant international standards of the safety factor of hydraulic hose, the recommended working pressure is usually a quarter of the minimum burst pressure value of the hose.

3. Impact pressure and fatigue life

The selection of the hydraulic hose is determined based on the highest pressure value of the hydraulic system design. Due to the pressure value of the hydraulic system is usually dynamic, sometimes there will be an impact pressure, and the peak value of the impact pressure will be much higher than the highest pressure value of the system. However, there is usually a relief valve on the system, so the impact pressure will not seriously affect the fatigue life of the hydraulic hose. For hydraulic systems with particularly frequent impact pressure, it is recommended to use hose products with special resistance to pulsating impact.


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