Main technical parameters of hydraulic hose (2)


5. Pressure: working pressure, burst pressure, test pressure

Working pressure refers to the maximum pressure that the hydraulic hose can withstand, usually expressed in MPa and marked on the surface of the hose.

Burst pressure is the pressure at which the hose will burst suddenly under pressure. The burst pressure value is generally multiples of the working pressure value.

The test pressure is the pressure used for strength and tightness test of the hose.

6. Test: pressure test, wear test, corrosion test.

The pressure test includes water pressure test, air pressure test, air tightness test, etc.

The wear test is used to test the wear resistance of the hydraulic hose to ensure that the hydraulic hose maintains integrity and stable during long-term use.

The corrosion test is used to test the corrosion resistance of hydraulic hose and confirm whether it can be used in corrosive liquids for a long time without being damaged.

7. Working temperature

The working temperature refers to the maximum temperature that the hydraulic hose can withstand, often expressed in degrees Celsius. The common working temperature range of the hydraulic hose is -40℃ to + 120 ℃.


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