Main technical parameters of hydraulic hose (1)


Hydraulic hose is an important component of hydraulic systems that transmits hydraulic energy, and its quality and performance directly affect the efficiency and safety of the entire hydraulic system. Understanding the technical parameters of hydraulic hose is of great significance for the correct selection and use of hydraulic hose.

1. Standard series:

Hydraulic hose should comply with the corresponding national and industry standards, such as DIN from the German Standards Institute, ISO from the International Standards Organization, EN from the European standard, and SAE from the Society of Automotive Engineers.

2. Types:

Steel wire braided hose, steel wire spiraled hose, textile reinforced hose. Usually, the steel wire spiraled hose has stronger pressure resistance.

3. Diameter size: such as inside diameter, outside diameter.

The inner diameter determines the size of the fluid flow channel inside the hydraulic hose, while the outer diameter is the overall size of the hydraulic hose. The inner diameter of the commonly used hydraulic hose is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc. The outer diameter is often twice the inner diameter.

4. Bending radius:

The hydraulic hose needs to be often bent during installation and use. It is usually expressed in millimeters. The common bending radius of the hydraulic hose is 30mm, 50mm, etc. The smaller the bending radius, the shorter the bearing capacity and service life of the hose, and the lower the flow rate and efficiency of the hose.


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