Introduction Of High Pressure High Temperature Resistant Hose Assembly


  • Introduction of high pressure high temperature resistant hose assembly

High pressure and high temperature resistant rubber hose assembly: coil or manually weave galvanized steel wire rope on the inner pipe of core-containing pipe on winding packing machine or loom.Compiled high-pressure stainless steel wire rubber hose structure mainly by liquid resistance of styrene-butadiene rubber protectionlayer, middle layer, I, II, III layer hand-made by stainless steel, resistant to the weather of styrene-butadiene rubber rubber structure high-pressure stainless steel wire of the rubber hose main use: ships, injection molding processing machinery, agricultural machinery, all kinds of CNC lathe and its industry automation.Model R13 a double layer stainless steel wire coiled high temperature hydraulic tubing under stringent standards.High pressure and high temperature rubber hose assembly in aluminum alloy die-casting factory, bakeries, theatrical performance supplies factory, drawing factory, color dyeing factory, metal wire drawing, plate yuan, ding, net factory, Chinese herbal medicine net paste pill production factory, aluminum, metal aluminum factory, these scenarios are effective to,Involved in transmission and control system manufacturing, business services, dietary collocation, services professional equipment manufacturing, metal components manufacturing, digital cameras and equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction, furniture with metal parts manufacturing, cigarette manufacturing professional equipment manufacturing, amusement equipment and the room amusement equipment manufacturing, several of these areas.


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