How to use the high pressure hose correctly


1. The rubber hose is only used to transfer the formulated substance.

2. It is forbidden to apply the pressure of the rubber hose beyond the design scheme.

3. The temperature of the material transported by the rubber hose should not exceed the factory regulations, raw material oil -40°C ~ 120*C, gas -30°C ~ 50°C, water moisturizing lotion below 80°C.

4. The rubber hose should be kept clean, and the interior should be clean and tidy. Prevent foreign objects from entering the lumen, blocking the transport of liquid, and destroying the machinery and equipment.

5. The layout of the rubber hose should avoid the heat source as much as possible. If necessary, equipment such as waterproof casing or thermal insulation material can be installed to prevent the rubber hose from becoming mildewed when exposed to heat.

6. In areas where the rubber hose is crossed or has sliding friction with the surface of the mechanical equipment, protective measures should be taken to prevent the rubber hose from cracking due to damage.

7. The rubber hose should be kept as vertical as possible on the spot. When it is necessary to bend, it should prevent sharp turns. The bending radius should not be too small and should exceed 9 times the diameter. There should be a parallel line that exceeds 2 times the diameter of the pipe at the junction of the rubber hose and the connector.

8. It is not necessary to distort the rubber hose during the installation process. A slight twist on the hose will likely reduce its compressive strength and loosen the connector. When installing, tighten the connector on the rubber hose instead of the plastic hose on the connector.

9. When installing the rubber hose, it is necessary to prevent it from being tense, and it must have a certain length and capacity to keep the rubber hose loose.

10. Safely protect the rubber hose during daily use to avoid squeezing and smashing the rubber hose.

11. Be gentle when controlling the gate valve in real time to reduce the impact of the working pressure on the rubber hose and avoid the rubber hose from cracking.

12. The rubber hose must be matched with the reliable "U" card, sealing ring, two-way, three-way, etc., and other substitutions are prohibited.

13. If the rubber hose is leaking, cracking, bagging, the connector card is rusted, the wire is broken, the surface layer is aging and cracks, etc., be sure to replace it immediately.

14. During the daily application period, be sure to strengthen inspection and replacement.

15. New capital investment or replacement rubber hoses must be tested and evaluated before application, and can only be used after reaching the standard. During the experimental period, the staff should not approach.



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