How To Install The Pressure Hose


1. When installing the pressure hose connector, the overshifting limit installation is strictly prohibited.

2. Install the bolts to be called, gradually pressurized and twisted tight, in order to prevent local leakage.

3. Pressure pressure hose connector in the transport and handling of the strict instrument cut the surface, sealsurface surface.

4. Vertical installation of the connector pipe at both ends should be drooping to the force support, can take anti-pull device, to prevent the work of pressure pull off. 

5. The installation of the pressure hose fitting should be kept away from the heat source. Ozone area.

Strong radiation exposure and the use of media that do not meet the requirements of this product are strictly prohibited.

6.1.6MPa above the working pressure, the installation of bolts should have an elastic pressure pad, in order to prevent the bolts loose at work.


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