How To Distinguish The Quality Of High-pressure Hose


(1) First look at the outer rubber of the high-pressure oil pipe, when seized to use the peeling machine to remove the rubber, to see if the peeling rubber is continuous, continuous is good quality.

(2) From the outside to see the brightness of its hose cross-section, high brightness for the product, the glue layer with nails to pinch its gel elasticity is good. 

(3) From the hose cross-section to see whether the steel layer inside is uniform, from the diameter of the wire to distinguish.

The hose wire mesh is evenly distributed, no leakage, the thicker the diameter of the inner wire, the better.

(4) Look at the inner layer of the rubber layer pipe wall thickness is not uniform, and the size of the inner hole of the hose, take the standard joint to try to distinguish.

(5) Through the pressure test, the national standard requires the test pressure is 2 times the working pressure, the blasting pressure is generally 3-4 times the working pressure is qualified.  

(6) Genuine high-pressure hose in the fitting connection printed with the hose map number and affixed with a special anti-counterfeiting label 

(7) Poor quality of the hose will appear: the thickness of the hose is uneven, the wire braided too tight, too loose or the number of wire layers too small, the amount of deformation after the pressure of the hose (elongation, shortening or bending the deformation amount) is larger, the outer layer of aeropressed compression caused steel wire rust, the inner plastic sealing conditioning is poor so that the high-pressure oil easily into the wire layer, the adhesive layer and the mucous layer is insufficient.

All of the above will make the tube ground less resilient, and eventually in the weak part of the pipe wall burst.


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