High Pressure Hose Safety Technical Measures


  • High pressure hose safety technical measuresHidden pressure hose factors

 1.Hose quality

 The inner layer of the high-pressure hose wall is oil-resistant rubber, and the middle is braided steel wire (braided steel wire or wound steel wire). poor quality hose will appear: uneven thickness of rubber pipe wall;Wire braided too tight (wire stroke is small) too loose (wire stroke is large) or the number of wire roots is too small. The deformation of the rubber hose after pressure is large (the deformation of elongation, shortening or bending) : the poor air tightness of the outer rubber leads to steel wire rust (main form: exposed steel wire);The poor sealing of the inner layer makes the high pressure oil easily enter the steel wire layer: the glue layer and the steel wire layer adhesion is insufficient.The above situation will reduce the hose bearing force, and finally burst in the weak part of the pipe wall.

 The inner rubber layer, the air tightness is poor, a pressure leakage, and then pressure directly burst.4) Improper selection of clamping quantity and clamping mode during assembly of high-pressure hose and joint. Unreasonable selection of structure, material and size of the joint may lead to tight or loose pressure between the hose and the joint, resulting in early damage to the joint.

 Assembly, if the withholding amount is too small, that is, the pressure between the withholding joint and the hose is too loose, under the action of oil pressure, the hose may be released from the joint in the early use.

If large amount of withhold, withhold connector and hose is too tight, easily lead to rubber lining by local damage, deformation, cracks, high pressure oil from weak, break directly into the steel wire layer, and then moving along the gap between the steel wire to coat the tail, or are somewhere along the steel wire layer up to accumulate, making the outer plastic bulge or rupture.8) In the assembly of the hose and joint, if the clamping speed is too fast, it is easy to cause damage to the inner glue and steel wire layer, so that the hose is prematurely damaged in use.

 Unreasonable joint design, jerry-cutting, poor processing quality, will also cause damage to the inner glue;If the joint material is improperly selected, the high pressure hose assembly can not meet the requirements.It will shorten the service life of high pressure hose.

2. Operation and use

On the premise of quality assurance, if improper use, will greatly shorten the service life of high pressure hose.In practical work, a large part of the damage of high pressure hose is dry use


Subjected to frequent and intense pressure.High pressure hose burst, generally not because of static pressure is too large, but with the intensity of pressure impact and the number of times.

 During the operation of construction machinery, the oil pressure in the mooring pipe will suddenly increase or decrease repeatedly, thus forming frequent pressure impact on the oil pipe, resulting in aggravated oil seal damage in each part.High pressure hose bubbling and cracking and loose leakage of pipe joint.4) In operation, it is strictly prohibited to pull the stem too hard, must be gentle

 The service temperature of oil is too high.When construction machinery is operating, the hydraulic system causes oil heating due to power loss, and the influence of external temperature (especially in summer) can make the oil temperature rise sharply.

The higher the oil temperature is, the easier the rubber is to age, the worse the elasticity, the lower the strength and sealing performance, and the high-pressure rubber hose will soon burst.

 In the operation, when the temperature rise of the hydraulic system is too high or too fast, the cause should be found out in time and eliminated: in summer operation, especially in continuous operation, necessary cooling measures should be taken.

Unreasonable selection and installation of high-pressure hose.When replacing the high-pressure hose, the length of the high-pressure hose, the number of steel wire layers, the shape and size of the joint should be reasonable, and the bending degree of the high-pressure hose should be reduced as far as possible;

 When tightening the joint nut, do not distort the high-pressure hose. Excessive bending and distortion will greatly reduce the service life of the high-pressure hose.

 The parts prone to friction should take protective measures to prevent the high pressure hose from affecting the steel wire layer due to wear.And then because of the corrosion of steel wire, wear thin resulting in reduced force, causing burst

Two, high pressure hose hidden danger measures:

 Choose enterprises with brand and quality assurance. Enterprises with quality assurance and sales services are generally better in manufacturing and have high quality requirements.2 pay attention to the installation and operation of high pressure hose assembly, and do not blindly produce.

 High pressure hose as industrial products, the user should understand the technical indicators of their products, blind purchase is also one of the factors causing quality hidden dangers.As a user, we should also pay attention to the storage environment of high pressure hose.


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