General Considerations For The Use And Maintenance Of Hydraulic Systems


   One, the operator should be familiar with the use of the main engine and hydraulic system principle and grasp the system action sequence and adjustment method about hydraulic element .

        Two, the state of the machine shall be checked before and during the operation of the equipment.

        Three, correct use and maintenance of hydraulic working medium

        The pollution of hydraulic fluid is the main fault source of hydraulic system.To this end, it should be noted that the hydraulic working medium should be stored in a clean place, and the utensils used (such as oil drum, funnel, tubing, dishcloth, etc.) should be kept clean;Had better scrub with silk or chemical fiber fabric, lest fiber clog the small hole of component, cause fault;The fuel tank should be sealed and the filter element should be checked, cleaned and replaced regularly.Inspect regularly and replace oil regularly according to the working condition.Generally, the oil should be changed after 1000 working hours.In case of intermittent use, the oil should be changed half a year or once a year according to working conditions.Clean the oil tank when changing oil, and then inject new oil into the tank through a filter above 120 mesh;The oil pipe should be soaked in oil for 24h to produce inactive film before use.The assembly and disassembly components must be cleaned to prevent dirt;When the oil pollution is serious, the cause should be ascertained and eliminated in time.

        Four,The oil temperature of the hydraulic system should be controlled within a certain range

        At low temperature, the oil temperature should reach above 20℃ before the sequential operation is allowed.When the oil temperature is above 60℃, attention should be paid to the working condition of the system.

        Too high oil temperature will increase the leakage of hydraulic system, deteriorate the stability and even affect the machining accuracy of the main engine.Therefore, attention should be paid to: maintain the correct liquid level in the tank, so that the working medium in the system has sufficient circulating cooling conditions;Choose the viscosity of hydraulic working medium correctly and keep it clean. In addition, the working medium should be replaced on schedule.System intermittent work, during the waiting period should make the hydraulic pump unloading;Keep the water cooler full of water, pipeline unblocked.


        Five,Prevent air from entering the system.

        The air entering the hydraulic system will affect the working stability of the actuator and cause vibration and noise of the system.To this end, it should be noted that:

        Always check the level in the tank to keep it between the lowest and highest level of the gauge.At the lowest liquid level, the suction and return orifices should also be kept below the liquid level and separated by partitions;The pressure in all parts of the system should be prevented from being lower than the atmospheric pressure as far as possible. At the same time, a good sealing device should be used. In case of failure, it should be replaced in time.Drain the air out of the system in a timely manner through an exhaust valve (plug).


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