Fuel & Diesel Oil Hose


The fuel hose is a pipeline used to transport oil, diesel oil, or petroleum products, which is used in the fuel system or in the crankcase of thermal engines in power locomotives. It is widely used in automobiles, ships, aviation and other fields.

To ensure the quality and safety performance of fuel hoses, a series of standards and specifications have been established internationally. The fuel hose produced by Medline adoptSAE J30 standard, with a minimum inner diameter of 3/16" and a maximum inner diameter of 2", you can choose the corresponding size according to your needs. The fuel hose is composed of three parts: the inner rubber layer (synthetic rubber), the reinforcement layer (a layer of textile braided), and the outer rubber layer (aging and weather resistant synthetic rubber). Before leaving the factory, the fuel hose needs to be tested and inspected for various physical and chemical properties, such as pressure resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and other indicators, to ensure that the hose provided to customers is qualified and can be used safely. Medline’s fuel hose has sufficient wear resistance, pressure resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as a certain degree of elasticity and flexibility.


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