First Aid Method For Problems With Hydraulic Hoses


1. In the hydraulic system, the rubber hose of the same oil road has the same specifications, but the pressure is different. Most of the cracked hoses are hoses that are subject to high oil pressure. Such as W4-60 excavator, ZL series loader boom cylinder on the two similar specifications of the oil pipe, is always the boom cylinder large cavity of the oil pressure is greater.

According to this, the transposition method can be used: the ruptured hose for simple sticking or binding, the boom cylinder large cavity and small cavity of the oil pipe interchangeable can be used (i.e. with the unbroken tubing to withstand high pressure, with the broken but simple adhesive or bundled pipe to withstand low pressure). 

2. Because the fittings of each rubber hose in the hydraulic system are different, at the same time high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure rupture hose should not be used "sticking", "bundling" or "bone-picking method", according to which the modification method can be taken: sawoff the ruptured hose fitting;

Weld the angle of the hose fitting of the ruptured hose on to the replacement hose.


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