Faults Of Reinforcement Layer


1. The hose is ruptured, and the braided steel wire near the rupture point is rusty.

If the hose is ruptured, it is found that the braid steel wire near the rupture point is rusty after stripping the outer rubber layer for inspection, which is mainly due to the serious deterioration caused by the wet or corrosive substances of the outer rubber layer, and the outer layer loses the protective effect to the reinforcement layer. At this time, it is necessary to first check and eliminate the mechanical damage to the outer rubber layer, chemical corrosion, high-temperature baking and other adverse factors, and then replace the hose. However, there are also cases where the outer rubber layer remains in good condition but the reinforcement layer is rusted and ruptured, and the rupture is usually within 200mm from the hose joint. The reason is mostly due to the unqualified joint, moisture enters the inner edge of the jacket, so that the reinforcement layer absorbs moisture, resulting in rusting, and the pressure strength of the hose is reduced and ruptured.

2. The reinforcement layer of the hose is not rusted, but irregular wire breakage occurs.

If the hose is ruptured, no rust is found on the reinforcement layer after stripping the outer rubber layer for inspection, but irregular broken wires appear in the direction of the length of the reinforcement layer. The main reason is that the hose is subjected to high-frequency impact force. There are many crossing points between the steel wires of the braided reinforcement layer. When the hose is subjected to high-frequency impact pressure, frequent friction occurs at the crossing points, resulting in the steel wires to break. For the hose that is frequently subjected to high-frequency impacts, the steel wire spiral skeleton should be selected as the reinforcement layer.


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