Emergency Repair for Hydraulic Hoses


During the construction process, when the hydraulic hose of the construction machinery breaks, the following emergency repair methods can be used.

1. Adhesive filling method

When a hydraulic hose in a hydraulic control system ruptures with a pressure between 25-8.0MPa, use the following method: clean the area around the rupture, apply anaerobic adhesive or epoxy resin, and apply either glue 801 or glue 502. Wrap 4-5 layers of tape or canvas strips around the area, forming a knot at each end of the canvas strip. Let dry for 15-20 minutes before use.

2. Bundle method

The bundling method is the appropriate solution for rubber hoses that require emergency repair and have a working pressure below 16MPa. In order to execute this method, you must apply adhesive to the damaged portion of the hose, wrap the bonding part with 2-3 layers of oil-resistant rubber, tightly bind the wrapped rubber with No. 12 iron wire, and allow it to solidify.


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