Emergency Measures For Hydraulic Hose With Pressure Opening


 Emergency measures for hydraulic hose with pressure opening

Mechanical components of the hydraulic hose is connected line, pump, valve, filter, hose, metal hose, such as the right parts, hose species complex, structural diversity, different using conditions, the length of the hose service life depends not only on the stand or fall of quality, also depends on the correct use of maintenance, therefore, even if the product quality is high, if not correct use and maintenance,It will also seriously affect its service quality and life.

If oil gushing or leakage occurs to the high-pressure hose used in the pressure opening project, the following methods can be used for emergency treatment


First, reform the law.

Due to the difference in the joint of the rubber hose in the hydraulic system, the high pressure or ultra high pressure broken hose should not be glued, bound or boned.Therefore, the reorganization method can be used: sawing the splice of the broken hose;Find an alternative hose of similar bearing capacity and length to the broken hose and saw off its connector;Weld the Angle of the ruptured hose joint to the replacement hose;Use after cleaning welding hose.

The second is the method of bone grafting.

When the rubber hose is broken due to external force (shrapnel breakdown, extrusion rupture) or system overload and the broken part is large or about to break, the bone method can be used: wipe the broken part of the hose clean and remove the broken part;The homemade steel bone is inserted into the cut hose, and the hose and the bone are fastened with the homemade steel plate card (in case of special emergency, no. 8 iron wire can be used to replace the homemade steel plate card);Clean the connected hose before use

The third is the binding law.

The binding method is suitable for emergency treatment of rubber hose rupture under the pressure of 16MPa.The specific method is to coat the broken part of the hose with the width of one of the commonly used rubbers of the construction machinery 2~3 times of the length of the broken part of the oil-resistant rubber skin to wrap 2~3 layers of the coating part (each layer of the coating), and bind the oil-resistant rubber skin of the winding with 12 steel wire

The fourth is the circuit breaking method.

In the hydraulic system of construction machinery, some oil routes play a role in protecting the safety of the system.When the oil in the rubber hose rupture, can be used to break the method;Discard the protective device (such as safety valve, etc.) in the oil route;Disconnect the oil line by blocking the oil line to the broken hose.When using the open circuit method, the system load should be controlled between 85%-95% of the rated load.

The fifth is the sticky method

When the hydraulic system pressure between 25-8.0 mpa rubber hose rupture, can be used bonding method: wipe the hose around the rupture;Apply one of the anaerobic adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, 801 adhesive or 502 adhesive to the broken part of the hose (the length of the coating is about 2-3 times the length of the broken part);Use tape or canvas strip to coat 4-5 layers (each layer should be coated with glue);Tie the ends of the canvas strip around the tape into a tight knot;After 15-20 minutes of curing, it can be used.

Six is the transpose method.

In the hydraulic system, the rubber hose of the same oil circuit has the same specification, but the oil pressure is different.Most of the broken hoses are hoses under high oil pressure.Therefore, the broken hose can be simply bonded or bound by transposing method;Replace the oil inlet and outlet tubing.In a word, methods are emergency emergency methods, high pressure hose is bound to lose the original index performance.Therefore, after the hole is replaced, the equipment used is kept in good condition.In practical applications, hose breaks should be avoided and checked and maintained frequently.



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