EN856-4SH Hydraulic Hose


EN856-4SH is a four-layer steel wire spiral hydraulic hose, which is specially designed for high-pressure hydraulic systems. The reinforcement layer consists of four layers of steel wire, which has excellent high-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various hydraulic equipment, such as excavators, cranes, hydraulic jacks, forklifts, etc.


Advantages of EN856-4SH hydraulic hose:

1. Excellent high-pressure resistance, able to withstand pressures up to 700 bar, ensuring the stable operation of the hydraulic system.

2. Strong high-temperature resistance, can be used in the temperature range of -40℃ to +100℃, adapting to various environmental conditions.

3. Good corrosion resistance, good resistance to hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and other oils.

4. Wear resistance: can effectively prevent the penetration and erosion of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and other oils

5. Bending resistance: can be bent at various angles to ensure the operation of hydraulic equipment

6. Lightweight and easy to use, convenient for installation and disassembly, suitable for maintenance and maintenance of various hydraulic equipment.


Main technical parameters of EN856-4SH hydraulic hose:

1. Inner diameter: 19mm~51mm

2. Outer diameter: 31.4mm~69.7mm

3. Bursting pressure: 4 times the working pressure

4. Working pressure: up to 420bar

5. Temperature range: -40℃~+100℃


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