Correct Arrangement Of The Hydraulic Hose Assembly (1)


The arrangement and usage environment of the hydraulic hose assembly can directly affect its service life. The correct arrangement will greatly extend the service life of the hydraulic hose assembly and ensure safe operation. When formulating the layout diagram of the hydraulic hose assembly, efficiency should always prioritize appearance and convenience, and repair and maintenance matters should be fully considered as much as possible.

1. The arrangement of the hydraulic hose assembly

(1)When the hydraulic hose is connected vertically, ensure that the hose has enough slack. So that the hose can adjust itself when the length changes due to force. However, if the hydraulic hose is too short, it will fall off or loose from the hydraulic hose joint.

(2)When determining the length of the hydraulic hose, sufficient slack is required to ensure that the stress field will not be increased on the hydraulic hose when system components move or vibrate. However, there should also be no excessive margin left for the hydraulic hose to prevent the hydraulic hose from rubbing against mechanical equipment or other components.

(3)Avoid twisting of the hydraulic hose during operation. Before installation and application, it is necessary to ensure that the bending radius of the hydraulic hose exceeds the minimum bending radius.

(4)The selection of hydraulic joints is an important part of the arrangement. Selecting the right model and quantity can prevent the hydraulic hose from bending and length wasting.


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