Correct Arrangement Method Of Hydraulic High-pressure Hose Assembly


The layout method and office environment of high-pressure hose assembly of hydraulic press can directly affect its service life.Proper piping arrangement method is beneficial to maximize the service life of hydraulic hose and ensure the safe working characteristics of hydraulic hose.

1. Layout of hydraulic hose of hydraulic press

1 when the hydraulic hose is connected vertically, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe has sufficient sag, so that the hydraulic hose can be adjusted when the length of the hydraulic hose is changed by force.When stressed, the hydraulic hose is too short, it will cause the hydraulic hose to slip from the high-pressure hose joint or have long-term ground stress effect on the connection head, resulting in metal material damage or invalid sealing.

2. When determining the length of the hydraulic hose, it is necessary to fully consider the sufficient sag of the high-pressure hose assembly, so as to ensure that it is impossible to enhance the ground stress of the hydraulic hose when the system software parts are subject to activities or vibration.As everyone knows, there is no way to leave a lot of capacity for the hydraulic hose, in case the hydraulic hose friction machine equipment or other parts.

3, should prevent hydraulic hose machinery and equipment distortion.Therefore, when installing and using the hydraulic hose, we should ensure that the bending radius of the hydraulic hose exceeds the minimum bending radius, and the hydraulic hose cannot be twisted.The low bending radius of each type of hydraulic hose is listed in the trade sample.

4 pipe layout must be in accordance with the above standards to fully consider the fitness plan of the hydraulic hose

5. The arrangement line of hydraulic hose is also an important part of the selection of high-pressure hose joint model.Proper connector type selection can prevent the bending of the hydraulic hose and the consumption of the length of the hydraulic hose, but also reduce the total number of connectors.

Two, hydraulic machine hydraulic hose installation fixed

Proper application of strong spring hanger can ensure the reliability of pipeline arrangement, prevent pipeline and machine equipment surface contact and damage liquid main hose.But in the application of strong spring hanger shop fixed liquid jade hose

Should not give up the activity of the hydraulic hose in the activity and working pressure, to a point is particularly important.

The hydraulic hose of high voltage and low voltage system software shall not cross or be fixed together.Different length and length of elastic coefficient will cause damage to the outer rubber layer of hydraulic hose.If the hydraulic hose continues to bend, it should be in accordance with the spring hanger and other methods to keep each bend part of it separate.

2, high temperature will reduce the service life of hydraulic hose, so hydraulic hose should avoid high temperature position in machinery and equipment or natural environment.In the continuous high temperature conditions to solve the hydraulic hose to take effective heat insulation safety protection

Three, hydraulic machine hydraulic hose layout of environmental hazards

The role in formulation should always take precedence over appearance and ease of arrangement.At the same time, overhaul and maintenance should be fully considered in the formulation as far as possible.

In general, the hydraulic hose shall not have immediate external contact with other things (including pipe to pipe contact).But there are situations in which this kind of touch is unavoidable.At this time to choose high wear resistant surface raw materials of the hydraulic hose, or to the hydraulic hose with anti damage protective sleeve.The wear resistance of this kind of damage protective cover is 80-1000 times that of general hydraulic hose surface material and grinding performance.



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