Common Problems With High Temperature Hose Storage


  • Common problems with high temperature hose storage

(1) storage of temperature hose warehouse, should be kept clean natural ventilation, relative temperature in 80% of the following, the temperature in the warehouse should be maintained in the middle of a 15~+40℃, and prevent the temperature hose by the sun and rain and snow weather immersion.

(2) Temperature hose storage, should be placed according to different types of specifications and models, without doping accumulation, and identification cards to get storage.

(3) the temperature hose should be stored as far as possible under the condition of relaxation. Generally, the temperature hose with a nominal diameter of 76mm can be stored in coils (but the nominal diameter of the disk should not be less than 15 times the nominal diameter of the plastic hose).

(4) In order to avoid the deformation of the tube body when the temperature hose is stored, the stacking is not suitable for too high, and the general stacking height can not exceed 1.5m;And the provision of temperature hose in the storage period often "stack", generally a quarter in a lot of.

(5) Temperature hose storage, not with acid, alkali raw material oil and solvent or other corrosive liquid, vapor contact;And should be 1m away from the heat source.(6) In the storage period of the temperature hose, it is forbidden to accumulate hanging objects on the tube body, and avoid external extrusion and damage.

(7) Temperature hose storage period, generally not more than 2 years, and should ensure that the advanced library of the first application, to prevent storage too long and harm the quality of plastic hose.


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