Common Hose Connection Methods


The hose fitting is a key component used to connect the hoses, which can ensure the connection between the hose is firm and reliable. When using hoses for liquid or gas transmission, the correct connection method is crucial to ensure the normal operation and safety of the entire system. We will introduce the common connection methods of the hose.

1. Thread connection: Thread connection is one of the most common methods of hose connection. It achieves connection by fastening the hose and the thread part of the fitting to each other. The thread connection can be divided into two forms, female and male. Which one to choose depends on the design of the hose and the fitting.

2. Sleeve connection: Sleeve connection is a method of tightly connected the hose and the fitting through the sleeve. The sleeve can be made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or other similar materials. When using a sleeve for connection, the sleeve needs to be placed at the connection between the hose and the fitting, and use the crimping machine to connect the hose and the fitting to ensure a secure connection.

3. Welded connection: In certain special circumstances, welding connection is required to connect the hose and the fitting. Welded connection can ensure the permanence and tightness of the connection. Before welded connection, the hose and fitting need to be surface treated and welded with suitable welding materials.


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