Cause Of Bursting Of High-pressure Hoses


High-pressure hoses sometimes burst, what are the reasons for the burst?

1, Farm tools or harvesters, such as lifted to the transport position after high-speed driving on uneven road surface, suspension body violent bumps so that high-pressure hose steaming several times larger than the original impact load, at this time the safety valve is difficult to function to force the hose burst. 2, The wrong use of "neutral" position. During the operation, due to uneven ground tools, the high pressure generated by the movement of the cylinder piston stomps more than the pressure capacity of the hose sprees in the "neutral" position.

3, The distributor automatic back position mechanism disorder, joystick can not jump back to the "neutral" position in time, the operator is not timely back, hose for a long time to bear a largeload of load and burst.

4, The safety valve opening pressure adjustment is too high, high-pressure hose long-term overload and blasting.

5, High-pressure hose installation is not appropriate. Due to distortion, bending, wire wear, rust, local overload and other burst.

6, High-pressure hose aging, cracks, or due to long-term exposure to the sun, contact with gasoline, diesel, etc. to cause hose corrosion and damage.



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